Here is some help for you decide which slot you should play

Men behind the slots:In the early 1800s, Charles Fey is credited with the invention of these super duper entertainment machines. These machines were reasonably popular across the various high way dine in and departmental stores at that time. But the best time for these machines was only beginning when the owner of Flamingo Hilton group of hotels got them installed in his hotel to entertain the women folk of high flying businessmen who accompanied their husbands to the hotel.

That was the year 1940 and since then there has been an unabated spurt in these places making them the most popular game to spend recreation time on.Indeed the popularity of the slots is the highest for the following reasons

They are games where the player plays individually and therefore he can play them at his own pace and in his own style. There is absolutely no need for him to hurry bury especially because there is no time factor involved in pulling the lever or as it is today pressing the call button.

There is no need for any skills in playing the slots. This is the main reason why it is popular at almost all the casinos in the world. While all other games on the floor will require certain sets of skills to be learnt and even learning the rules of the games, there is no such thing with slots.

Slots guarantee huge jackpots with minimum amount of stakes. This means that the jackpot are very rare to come

By but if you happen to be one of the winners,then with a minimum stake coin of say $100, you could even pocket millions of dollars as prize.

Slots are the least understood:

It is obvious that with so many people queuing behind the slot machines, there is only a small percentage of the people who actually understand the game. Also the slot reels are generated by RNG or Random Number Generator which means that even with using the closest mathematical formulae it is very hard to predict the odds of getting a particular serial of images.

While some people use various hacks and knacks to decide on the slot that they should sit at, it is quite clear that there is no role of luck or the location of the slot or the temperature of the machine that allows it to be the obvious jackpot generator.


Here is a list of tips that will help you decide which slot you can play

i. use a machine where you can bet the maximum number of paylines: The more number of paylines that you bet, you better your chances at winning the jackpot. So make sure you choose a machine where you can bet the maximum paylines. Another rule of caution is to not go on playing recklessly till you finish all the earmarked cash for the day. Instead, play carefully without overdoing your budget.

ii. If you are playing online then look out for extra chances to play jackpots or special offers while playing: Online casinos give out excellent offers to their patrons. These special offers will pop on your screen while you are at the game. Make sure to capitalize on these offers.

iii. Most online casinos give their first time customers generous bonuses and giveaways and so it is a good idea that you change your casinos often: Make a list of online casinos where you can alternate from time to time and create player accounts.

This is important because as part of attracting more customers they seem to dole out generous first time bonuses and also giveaways that will enable to play effectively.iv. Check out the payout percentage and be sure that if the machine looks flashy and is most tempting, then probably it is not the best machine to play on: Some of the slotsify are so attractive and tempting that you may be magically drawn towards them. But as part of your research you must read the pay table and also determine their pay out percentage before deciding to play on them.

Have you ever played slots with friends?Playing with friends will give you the chance of paying higher stakes and playing together as a group. You and your friends can decide to divide the prize money between yourselves.

vi. More than anything else just enjoy!It is important that whether you win or lose, that should never be your criteria. You must enjoy yourself and that is most important.